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Print Services

AccuCopy’s OnTarget Marketing Solutions deliver results. When you engage AccuCopy’s OnTarget Marketing services you receive data list management, creative design, print, mail and measurement of results.

  • Postcards/Letters/Flats
  • Campaign Management
  • Maximum Postage Savings
  • Targeted Demographics

Make each contact personal. With variable print and good data you can communicate with each individual in a way that is personal and relevant.

  • Personalized fund raising mail
  • Unique and versioned mail
  • Membership cards and personalized coupon mail
  • Statement rendering & transpromo mail
  • Employee benefit mail
  • Municipal & Utility billing

AccuCopy’s OnTarget Cross Media Marketing combines web, email, SMS texting and traditional mail communication to create powerful marketing campaigns with measurable results.

  • PURL cross media mailing campaigns
  • Expand your reach with email and SMS texting
  • Personalized web sites
  • Online surveys
  • Data collection with dashboard reporting
  • Automated responses via mail, email & text messaging

Every successful campaign begins with good data. AccuCopy can help you sort, clean, and find new data to make your list as current, effective and valuable as possible.

  • List procurement
  • Lead Generation
  • List management
  • List Cleansing

Consult with one of our marketing specialists or search our online catalog of promotional products anytime, from anywhere. AccuCopy offers tens of thousands of items that can be personalized to make you stand out and be remembered.

  • Personalized Pens Cups and so much more order now
  • Improve traffic at trade shows
  • Motivate staff
  • Thank a customer
  • Increase safety awareness